How to Play The Thrill is Gone’s Opening Guitar Lick (Blues Guitar Lesson in the Style of BB King)

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In this free lesson from Guitar Control, instructor Jon Maclennan demonstrates how to play the opening guitar lick for the classic blues song “The Thrill is Gone” by BB King. Jon teaches how to play a sweet blues lick that it’s a must-know for any blues guitar player. Once you learn this lick you will be able to apply it on any backing track. Also Jon makes this lesson so simple that even a beginner guitarist could play and have fun with it. We hope you get inspired to incorporate these ideas into your own playing and be sure to click the link for the tabs so you can easily follow along and get this sweet BB King blues lick under your belt. Be sure to subscribe to the channel so you do not miss any of the killer content we upload to help you along on your guitar journey.

Hey, what’s up guys this is John MacLennan, bringing you this video lesson and we’re looking at the opening lead line to the “Thrill is Gone” a classic blues tune by BB King. The blues phrasing on this just blows my mind every time, it’s just the quint essential.  The vibrato and bending is just so right, anyways it’s a b minor blues so this lick is coming off of a b minor pentatonic scale we’re starting up here just playing the root note on the 12th fret of the second string.

So after the root note you’re going to play it twice, then you go to the 10th fret on the high string and you give that note just a little bend 12, 10 then you jump down to this seventh position with a bend seven, seven, nine, nine, and then seven, nine, nine, nine, so one, and two, four.

A nice little blues phrase and then that of course is going over your d minor rhythm playing.

Let us see if we can play it together. Check the image above to follow the chords and tabs; Don’t forget to subscribe and follow our YouTube Chanel, we’ll see you next time.

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