2 string winding legato lick

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Here’s a cool lick that you can try out… Sounds best when played pretty fast.
Of interest is how we can get from one position to another by sliding around… Also
notice how we start in a G mixolydian tonality (using the F natural) but end up
using the F# (G major tonality) at the end of the lick. Enjoy!

Hey, what’s up? It’s Claude Johnson. I wanted to show
you this lick today. It’s kind of a widening, kind of
a lick that goes through the middle two strings. It
starts off in G mixolydian, but then we kind of end
up on G-major.

All we’re doing is going up and back down six notes,
kind of using the legato technique. And then, when we
get back down, we’re going to slide to the next position.
And then up six notes again; slide. And then here you
get the wide stretch and then just down one more, that’s
where we end up on our F-sharp, which makes it like G-major.

So I’m only really picking — well, I pick to start it
out and then I pick only when I get to the G string.
So pick, pick, hammer, pick, pick.