How To Shred the Neck With 3 Movable Pentatonic Licks

Hey, this is Robert Baker with Guitar Control, we’re talking about movable pentatonics.

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So lick numero uno, what do we have here is a pretty cool little shape here, which going to be like this. Now this is a movable pattern so basically these are all based off of like sequencing concepts so we’re moving through the scales like this and why don’t we just go ahead and keep them all out in the key of E minor. So what I’m doing here is I’m playing three on the high E-string, now I go to the B-string and go to five and I pull up to three and get back to five.

So we have that then we shift up and I’m going to go five on the high string and then going to 8- 5-8, on the beat, shift that one up again and we’re going to be what would this one be it would be seven on the high E-string and then 10-8-10, shifting up one more time and we’re going to be on this one which is 10-12-10-12-12, to resolve it. So let’s kind of go through that one a little bit slower, so we have this first part shifting up again and we’re going 5-8-5-8-5-8-5-8-7, and then I go up and down twice, and there you have it it’s your first movable shape like I said this one is easy to adapt to different keys and stuff like that.

On we go to the next one; they’re all going to have the same concept sequencing the pentatonic scale. I really use this technique a lot like Marty Friedmanish. So what’s happening I’m just going 4 on the G then I go three hammer-on five on the beat I’m doing all these twice you can do them all once four times if you want to is just a good kind of middle ground for learning the lick I shift up into box three of my E minor pentatonic. I’m going to 7-5-8, on the beat that’s a hammer-on shift up again.

I’m on 9 on the G and 8 hammer-on 10 on the B, 12 hammer-on the B tripping up one more time 14 on the G and then 12 here on 15 of these I’ve been that 15 before let’s get that E note but you can get it you know they’re all over the place so real slow we go like this

Sent our movable pentatonic links we have this one which I always love the way this style of lick sounds you can have a kind of a lot of different ways to do it but I’m going in the middle of the guitar neck right here. So let’s kind of break down what’s happening here so we’re going on the D and for the G I’m going to play 5 on the D, 7 on the G and up to 9, 7 on the D, and I on the G, 5 to 12 and I’m ending on an E note there you have your movable pentatonic licks.

I hope you enjoyed that, those are really fun to use. I definitely recommend trying out a backing track or working it slow and you can find droning tracks all kinds of stuff you can do with those but just take them move them slow and then once you have them you can even apply them to modes and you get all these kind of cool intervals from your notes so they’re really you know interesting wants to kind of play and adapt into your own style. Don’t forget to subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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