3 Hands Guitar Players Need to Know and Use

Hey Friend,

What if I told you that here’s
a guitar player with 3 hands
that’s from planet earth?

What if I told you that YOU
had 3 hands? (Would you think
I’m crazy? Probably… hahaha)

That’s what Stefan Grossman
thought too, when Reverend Gary
Davis said: “You’ve gotta use your
3 hands.”

Any guesses what the “3rd hand” is?

It’s actually: YOUR THUMB on your
picking hand.

Most guitarists never learn how to use it.

However, that’s the FOUNDATION of
fingerpicking blues. Your thumb is “the hand”
that gives you “your bass line”.

Your index finger is “the hand” that picks
the melody strings.

And your fretting hand is the one that finds
the right notes on the fretboard.

It probably sounds a lot more complicated
that it is. That’s why tomorrow I’m going
to show you a video that explains this and
that will show you some of the basics
of fingerpicking on the acoustic…

And how to play some really cool old
school blues riffs on the acoustic.

Keep on rocking,
Philly Blues Boy Johnson

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