4 tales of guitar madness

Hi Friend,

Claude Johnson here.

In case you missed my last few emails, the latest
earthquake/tsunami events have inspired me to
run a promo to raise some dough for the red cross.

We’re gonna put together a 12 song downloadable
album with some tracks from myself, Virtuwul, Dylan,
Silvio, Derryl, Stefan, and Jimmy.

Now please relax and sit back…

Let me tell you a few tales while we’re on
this journey of life and guitar together…

I’ll wrap up the stories from myself and Virtuwul,
and start 2 more from Silvio and Derryl who
are also contributing music.

I’ll start with Virtuwul – he was describing
the infamous Canadian studio located
below a noodie bar.

Here’s what he says:

**** STORY 1 *****
Virtuwul here.

Let me rewind to a few years ago
when I was recording the Myth Conception album.

It was a special moment…

I had just finished laying down a vicious
rhythm track and I wanted to take a break.

I step into the “break room” and I see
this young, hot black “dancer” from the Bahamas
bouncing up and down on this biker’s dude’s **** like
she was a kangaroo in heat.

It was just another day at the office
while recording “Myth Conception”. lol

We would actually take breaks and go
upstairs (to the noodie bar) and “relax”.

Good times man… good times!

Anyways back to the songs:

“Download” was written by the singer and I
after we moved to Vancouver.

We were really inspired by moving to
a new city. It was a big jump up and
it certainly light up our
creative fires.

The song is about downloading
the power that all around us into
our spirit and using that energy
to propel us into success.

****STORY 2 *****

Ok, Thanks Virtuwul..Now back to MY story…

It was my 30th birthday, I was playing with the
band, and the music sounded awesome. It was an otherwise
perfect night except for one dark aspect of it.

You see, I was married at the time, but the marriage
was on the rocks. In fact, she had moved out
suddenly a few months prior, and I was devestated.

But I had the notion that we were patching things up.
We were seeing a counselor. There was hope.

But then she stood me up on my birthday. Never
made it out to the gig… I spoke to her on the
phone before each of the 3 sets and she claimed
that “yeah, i’ll be there”…

But she never bothered to make it out to the show.

I confronted her the next day and I told her that
if she couldnt be bothered to make it out to my
30th birthday, she didn’t really care that much
about making the marriage work.

We decided right then and there to get a divorce.
But even though it was a sad ending to that
chapter of my life, it was still a great gig…
Plus, I went on to live many more
happy chapters in my life so far. 🙂

Next story is from Derryl Gabel:

**** STORY 3 ****

Derryl Gabel here…

Back in 1990 I saw this contest in Guitar for the Practicing
Musician which is now simply called Guitar Magazine.

It was, “Win a Dream Record Date with George Lynch”.
I thought about sending in a demo tape but thought
it would be a waist of time because there are so many
great players out there. A student of mine talked me
into it so I reluctantly agreed.

The annouce date came and went and I wasn’t surprised
but still disappointed. One day I came home from work
and the phone rang. I answered it and the guy said
“hey Derryl this is George Lynch.

We are listening to your demo and are blown away.
Would you like to come down and record a solo for us?”

I almost hung up the phone. I figured it was one of
my friends playing a joke on me.

I asked “Who is this?” and he said ” Really, this is
George and we would love to have you come to California
to play on my new solo album.”

He then let me hear the track that he wanted me to play
on and then I knew this was no joke.

Stay tuned – next email I’ll tell you about
what happened in the studio…

*****STORY 4 *****

Hey this is Silvio Gazquez.

I want to tell you about one of the tunes I’m including,
called Mr Jeremy. It’s actually named after Ron Jeremy,
the adult film guy.

There’s kind of a funny story behind it.

I was a 14 year old kid and I somehow managed to rent
an adult tape from a shop in our little town here
in Argentina.

I thought Mr. Jeremy was a funny guy —
I actually liked his acting.

At the time, one of my good friends was named Ronnie and
we all ended up calling him Mr. Jeremy.

Next time I will finish the rest of the story.


Ok folks, thanks for reading this long email… Hopefully you got
some entertainment out of it. Stay tuned for next time
and I’ll let Silvio and Derryl wrap up their tales.

Rock on !

Talk soon,

Claude Johnson


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