Announcing the Winners of the Rokstark Acoustic Guitars

hi Friend,

Happy Saturday!

I don’t have a guitar lesson for ya today,
but rest assured I’m working on something
very cool for your playing pleasure.

Meanwhile, I want to make an announcement.

Congrats to the first five buyers of
“Soul of Acoustic Guitar”.

P. Strauch
J. Fuller
O. Lefebvre
I. Streicher
L. Thrapp

You guys all win a Rokstark acoustic guitar
for being the early bird that gets the wood. 🙂

And hey… congrats to everyone else for making
a very smart decision in picking up Jimmy Dillon’s
wild new guitar course.

Here’s the good news for you if you HAVEN’T ordered

There’s still time to jump on the “product launch offer”,
and grab this baby at the discount price.

It’s gone soon, so please act on it right now to save
yourself some bucks…

As always, stay tuned because I have a surprise or two
for you next week.

Rock on and have a wonderful day!

Claude Johnson

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