Banned on stage

hi Friend,

Wow, another year coming to a close.

For me, it was both a tremendous
year and also one filled with challenges.

A lot of crazy things are happening
with the world — I will explain
more what I mean in an upcoming email.

I hope you enjoyed all the Xmas lessons.

I will have more video lessons
for you soon.

For right now, I want to share an
interesting musical tidbit.

I was talking with a musician friend
today. He plays guitar, and also flute.

And he knows a lot about Indian music,
especially ragas.

First, I want to explain to you what
a “raga” is.

This is a little bit complicated
and subtle. In simplest terms, it
is a collection of notes, like a scale
or mode.

But each raga has its own flavor, similar
to the modes. The melodies that come
out of each, define the raga.

Literally raga means color… Each group
of notes has its own flavor, or mood.

Anyway, the really interesting thing,
which I just learned today, is that
some ragas you cannot play on the stage…

They are actually prohibited because they
have the power to connect to the universe.

They used only in private settings in
a yogic tradition.



For now, try this collection of notes — it
is a rare raga – F , A, E, G. It is like
an Fmaj9 arpeggio (no fifth)…

Play around with it and have fun.

Keep rocking…

Great stuff is unfolding…

Talk soon,

Claude Johnson

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