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I hope you had a cool weekend, and since
August is here (which means summer is almost done)…

I hope you’re making these weekends count!

If there’s nothing spectacular going on in
your neck of the woods, then you can
get some spectacular guitar practice in.

And speaking of the guitar, I have a new

No, its not another guitar video series,
although I will have more of those coming
out in the future…

It’s actually my own blog site.

It’s not much of a website yet.
I have a home page and a blog page.

My friend Virtuwul thought it would be cool
if I put up a bunch of pics of me, kind of
like a filmstrip.

So I did that and it came out kind of cool.
What do you think?

Then there’s the blog. This is just gonna
be a place where I can post random guitar related

Actually, a lot of the stuff I send you in emails,
I’ll also end up archiving on the blog.

Today I wrote a post about some cool new guitar
licks that I’m discovering.

Go check it out and please post your comments,
either about the licks, the site, or whatever.

You can let me know if it rocks, it sucks, or
whatever your opinion is.

Here’s the link:

This is gonna be a cooler way for me to interact
with you, but hold onto your hats because…

I’m getting my video camera soon! I think its
actually at the Fedex office. They tried to deliver
it while I wasn’t home.

Just need to go pick it up and then I can make
some sweet videos for you.

Talk to you soon…

Rock on as always,


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