Crazy weather story + lesson of the day

Hi Friend,

So, the weather has been crazy —
an earthquake and a hurricane
in the same week. What are
the odds?

It’s kind of a funny story,
because I was sitting on
my sofa, watching a rough
edit of one our upcoming

And there’s this mean,
rockin guitar riff with
distortion and I had
the TV on a bit loud.

And the next thing I know,
I’m starting to shake.

I was like “WOAH…This
riff is powerful. I better
turn down the TV.”

So I turned the volume down
but the shaking got even

I knew I shouldn’t be moving
around this much. I turned
off the TV and the sofa
was still shaking and TV
was wobbling.

Then I thought maybe it
was construction outside
or something.

30 minutes later, someone
tells me “Hey, did you
hear about the earthquake?”

And I said “OOOHHHHH”
THATS what it was! lol…

So anyway the earthquake is
over and the hurricane is passing.

Things are back to normal. Yay!

Hopefully you’re ok too.

Life has enough drama that I
can really relate to the motto:
“No news is good news!”

Now onto today’s lesson.

It’s a little thang I like
to call:

“Diatonic Legato Licks Part 2”

Check it out:


Have a super day!

Claude Johnson

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