Simple Out of Ordinary Way To Play Octave Patterns

Hey Friend,

I’m sure I’ve you this before,
and I’ll ask it again —

How’s the guitar playing going? 🙂

I feel part of my job (in addition
to making cool DVDs), is to
give you cool new things to practice
and help keep you excited about
going to the next level.

Call me crazy, but I think the better
you get on the guitar, the more fun it is.

Actually, it was always fun for me. Learning
my first chords was fun. And today, it’s still

The only thing I DON’T like is getting into ruts
and plateaus. However, that hasn’t happened
to me a while, because I always keep things fresh
with new stuff to learn.

Ok, so in today’s email, I want to give you a new
angle you can use to look at the guitar.

I call it “backwards octaves”.

Most guitarists know that if you go “forwards”
on the neck (up the neck), you just jump 2
frets and 2 strings, and you have your octave.

For example:


Ok, that’s a “forwards” octave.

But you can also go up 3 strings
instead of 2, and backward a few frets
to get your octave there. These
are less commonly practiced.

One easy exercise you can do is just
to jump up to the octave and go back
down the scale. You can use your favorite

Here’s 2 examples in A pentatonic.



Now I know, this isn’t necessarily the most
earth-shattering guitar secret ever. Still,
most players don’t always see all the obvious

If this email went “over your head”, I would
check out the beginner course (

If it was TOO easy, you can always use
this same exercise with other octaves and scales.

If you have been playing for a while and
really feel stuck in a rut or a plateau,
then why not open a whole new bag of tricks?

Here’s a suggestion : Wicked Chicken Pickin’ Chops.
This will deep fry your playing like nobody’s
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Of course, we have lots of other plateau-busting DVDs as well.

Have a groovy weekend and stay tuned our upcoming Halloween madness.

Claude Johnson

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