Don’t let ANYTHING take away your joy

hi Friend,

Well I was upset the other day because
the airline companies are lame.
They stressed me out trying to deal
with them on the phone.

But I’m greatful for that experience
because I woke the next day and I
said to myself…

“Claude, why are you letting yourself
get all bent out of shape over this?”

I made a decision right then and there
that I wasn’t going to let anyone
or anything take away my joy.

Yeah, I know we live in the real world,
and I’m not some kind of zen master
or anything BUT… at least I can
set the intention to not let things
bother me that I have no control over.

I like the philosophy of “choose to be happy”.

We all do what we can to make our lives
better. One thing I’ve been doing
all this year is making sure I don’t
miss a day practicing.

And yes, my chops are coming along!

Hopefully yours are too.

I’ve been working on my picking chops,
actually using our own “Guitar Scale System”
software to work up the speed on some
single string chromatic exercises.

I want to master speed picking on a single
string first, and I think I’m getting there.

I talk to Silvio, (teacher of the Virtuoso
Guitar Secrets and Guitar Idol finalist),
and he says I’m on the right track with this

And he says the same thing in his course, too.

Get that picking down if you want to shred!
And actually, I decided to focus on the picking
because I realized there was so much of that
being taught in his DVDs, that it just made

Remember, one easy way to get better on the guitar
is study some good guitar DVDs, so
let me give you a reminder that we
have some very cool ones for just
your level and style.

Remember, choose to be happy and
don’t let anyone or anything take
away your joy!

Claude Johnson

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