Dweezil Zappa just emailed us and said…

Hi Friend,

Wow… believe it or not, an email just came in from
none other than Dweezil Zappa… regarding Derryl Gablel’s
fusion guitar secrets instructional DVDs.

(For those not familiar, he is the son of the late, great
Frank Zappa, and an incredible guitarist in his own right)

And he writes:


“Hi Derryl, I just wanted to reach out and tell you
that I just discovered your playing literally
moments ago on youtube. I’m an instant fan.
Many of the concepts that you are teaching
are precisely the kinds of things
that I have been gravitating towards
lately in my own playing but I don’t
have a jazz background and have found it hard
to really incorporate these concepts naturally.
I am quite inspired to check out your DVDs.”


Again…I just have to say: WOW.

Let me ask you: if its good enough for Dweezil,
aren’t Derryl’s lessons good enough for you too ?

I can’t imagine why anyone interested in improving their
lead guitar skills WOULDNT invest in Derryl’s teachings.

Here’s a few more comments from other guitarists:


Marc Blumenreich, guitar instructor from La Crescenta,
Califronia writes:

“I can say without hesitation that out of the hundreds of guitar instructional materials I’ve purchased over the years,
Derryl’s is right up at the top of the stack.
It’s the best guitar fusion instruction available today, period.
Derryl is much more than just an amazingly gifted musician,
he’s also a talented teacher, who generously shares his musicality
and his awesome technique in an easy to understand series of musical
examples that allow every guitarist, regardless of level,
to develop the chops they need to express themselves in the
modern musical world.”

Sean Whelton says:

“I have seen and used almost every guitar instructional
that has come out over the last ten years and I can say,
without question, that Derryl’s technique Book and series
of instructional DVDs are the best that I’ve come across.”

Here’s a few more:

“I’m stoked. You have no idea. After using your “313”
approach, I have a much better command of getting through
the changes” – Rick Lewis

“Derryl Gabel’s lessons are the most complete you can find,
its excellent teaching material, I have radically
improved my technique.” -Rene M.

“These DVD’s have taken my playing much further than several
years of lessons which cost me me a boat load of money…
You are not only a talented musician but a fantastic
teacher.” – Joe Auci


And there’s dozens and dozens more raving comments that
I just didn’t have room to paste here.

You get the idea.

These lessons are the BEST when it comes to develop world
class chops and musicality on the electric guitar.

And to give you an extra incentive, I’m chopping the price
way down AND throwing in tons of bonus goodies.

Like for example, 2 time guitar idol finalist Silvio
Gazquez’s killer course: Virtuoso Guitar Secrets.

You get that for no extra charge, amigo… when you grab
a set of Derryl’s DVDs.

But the catch is, this promo is almost over.

This is the last email I’m sending about it.

So don’t hesitate…

Go here now and scoop up your DVD package while
the deal is hot:



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