Friend, Want to chat?

Hey Friend,

Listen, before I get into what I
want to say here…

First, I want to apologize.

I’ve been thoughtlessly blasting you emails
for the last couple weeks about my
new jazz guitar course, and I realized

You might not even like jazz!

Hey, that’s cool. I don’t like every style
of music either. But what I try to do
is offer something for everyone.

But, yes.

I screwed up.

And whenever I make a mistake, I (usually) try to make
amends by correcting my behavior. So, starting
now I’m not going to send you tons of emails about
the jazz course.

If you do happen to like jazz,
then check it out (

If not, don’t worry – we have lots of other goodies
coming up, including a metal guitar course, and
some very entertaining halloween related wacky
videos that I’m working on.

I’ll be honest. A lot of people unsubscribed
from my list recently because they thought
I was only about the jazz.

But thanks for sticking with me.

I appreciate you staying on my list and being
my Internet friend. If you’d like to connect
with me on a more personal level, definitely
add me as a friend on facebook.

Lately I’ve been getting into it more and I’d
be happy to chat with you about anything in
the world if I happen to be online and chilling.

ANyway, back to my point – not everyone likes
every style of music and that’s why I try to
offer something for everyone.

Here’s a list of our products and sites so
feel free to check out what you like and
leave the rest for the birds, lol…

These DVDs are designed to be a great alternative
to expensive private lessons, and will reward
you with instant entertainment and a lifetime of

Rock on!

Claude Johnson

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