Guitar video of the week is here


Another weekend is here.

Wow, it seems like every time I turn
around, its Saturday and I’m writing
you my weekly guitar email.

Hey, that’s a good thing!

I do have a cool video for you today.
But before I share this video…

I just want to talk one second to let
you know that our ONE DOLLAR offer for
Lead Guitar Gurus and the Guitar God
club is flying off the shelves!

Ok, so onto today’s guitar video.

Once again, its from Jimmy Dillon,
aka “Jimmy D”, from his upcoming series
called Soul of Acoustic Guitar.

Please check out today’s interesting
video and post your blog comment here:

It’s cool stuff. Hope you dig.

Ok, so what else… Did I mention
Lead Guitar Gurus? 🙂

This is the latest, greatest addition
to the Guitar God Club. So if you’re not in on this yet,
now is the time to jump on it.

Maybe you’re saying “Hey Claude, settle down.
What’s the rush?”

True, its not like we are gonna run out of
online memberships. However, the ONE DOLLAR
dealio is over real soon.

So check it out while it’s hot:

Thanks for tuning in and I will be sharing
more videos soon.

Rock on till the break of dawn!

Claude Johnson

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