I’ll PROVE that playing lead guitar is simple

hi Friend,

I got a great question from Greg on my blog.

He writes:

“im new to soloing and would like to know if you
could make a video on how to solo using various
keys and scales and how improvise using those?”

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I was going to shoot a new video to answer
Greg’s question, but then I rememebred that
I actually did a 5 part free mini course
a few months back that has some great info
on getting started. I think everything
you need is here:


And guys, I just wanna say…

This is NOT rocket science.

You can ABSOLUTELY do this.

You CAN be successful at playing the guitar!

There’s really only a few key things you need
to learn if you want to get started playing
guitar solos.

I think those videos prove that it can be
as simple as you want it to be and still
sound good.

I’ll send you more lessons soon on how to solo
but I wanted to make sure you had access to this.

Last, but not least…

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Claude Johnson

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