Lively chord strums + fighting monkeys

hi Friend,

I’d like to share with you an experience
I had on Sunday…

Before I jump into it — I would like to
also mention that Sol uploaded another
cool lesson to the blog:

“Lively Chord Strumming” shows you one
of the simplest, most powerful and effective
ways to lively up a simple chord strum rhythm.

Check it out here:


Yes, its another sample from “Acoustic Toolkit”
course that comes out on the 23rd.

Ok, so anyway…

pour yourself a cup of joe and listen to
this story…

I recently decided to get some home recording
gear… Not the first time, mind you… Back
in the day I had a 4 track cassette thingy…
Recently I’ve always gone into a professional
studio to shoot DVDs, etc… So I haven’t had
to record anything at home in a while.

I wanted to get back into it.

I got this thing called “Fast Track Pro” —
its a USB interface into the computer
and it comes with Pro Tools SE.

I ran into so many problems it’s almost
funny. And whenever I run into “dumb little problems”,
I refer to it “fighting the monkeys”.

Don’t ask me why, lol.

I was fighting monkeys all day on Sunday trying
to get this thing to work.

First, I tried importing a backing track into
Pro tools. Guess what — it won’t let me.
Great start, right?

After some reasearch, I decided to reinstall quicktime and reboot.

POW… I could import the track.

But then I couldn’t hear any sound. 🙁

More research…

Turns out this USB hub doesn’t work with the computer
sound card. Instead you have to route the output of
the hub directly to the speakers.



Only problem is, the plug doesn’t seem to fit.
I can’t use a standard headphone jack — has
to be 1/4″ or stereo wire.

More monkeys.

So I needed a 1/8″ to 1/4″ converter.

Being the obsessive/compulsive personality
that I am, I drove to 2 stores cause I REALLY
wanted to get this going , like NOW…lol.

They didn’t have the converter.

Finally I found an old one I had at the bottom
of a change drawer.


Except I still wasn’t getting any signal from
the hub.

Eventually I figured out that I had to have
the signal knob turned WAYY up, not just at
50%, and it start working.

And there were a few more layers of monekys
that I won’t even go into.

Point is, I stuck with it and got it working.

Power of persistance baby!

Just goes to show 😉


Ok, anyway, just a slice out of my life
to share with you.

Man, the things we do for music, right?

Anyway, I hope to create some cool solos
soon and then it’ll be all worth it.

But anyway…hope you enjoy today’s lesson.
Here’s that page again:


Rawk on,

Claude Johnson

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