Mellow Hendrix lesson (video)

Hi Friend,

Let me share with you a personal truth…

It’s got to do with it being Valentine’s Day weekend
here. :p

I used to *loaaathe* this holiday when I was
single and feeling lonely.

It just reminded me of what I didn’t have!

Well, if you’re in that boat, I can relate.
But cheer up! Finding that special someone just
takes patience and persistance.

Actually those two things are what you need
for reaching any goal on the guitar too.

Like my friend Wade once said: “Stick with
the program, trust the results, you get there.”

What that means, is that you take any tiny little
improvement that you see, and you use that as
proof in your mind that your efforts are paying off…

Perhaps slowly – but SURELY.

And then you KEEP GOING! 🙂

Anyway, hopefully some of the guitar stuff I’ve been sending
you is helping. Well, here’s another tool that you can add
to your bag of tricks: “The Mellow Hendrix” sound.

I’ve got a sweet video from J.D on how to capture this
sound and the best part is that you can use it on any chord
in any song.

So grab your guitar and jump over to here:

Do me a solid and please post a comment, ok?

Your dedicated guitar instructor,

Claude “the Johnsonater”

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