MUST-KNOW strumming pattern (video lesson)

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Hope you’re havin’ a bangin’ week…

Check this out:

If you wanna be a solid guitarist,
you have to know how to STRUM.

Strumming patterns are uber cool and
important, and what’s even cooler
is I’m about to release a video
series showing you DOZENS of
killer patterns.

Today I have a video for you
showing one you absolutely MUST KNOW.

It’s used all over the place in
tons of popular songs.

Check it out:


I’m re-releasing the “Chord Mastery”
package that came out a few years
ago, but I’m including TONS more
killer content…


– A whole new video series on strumming patterns

– A video series from Jimmy Dillon

– A video series from Virtuwul…

– and more…

It’s the most bang-for-the-buck package
we’re releasing this year.

It comes out in 2 weeks from now.

You won’t want to miss this one, even
if you already have the original
“chord mastery” package.

For now, just go check out today’s
video lesson and make sure your
strumming vocabulary includes this
important pattern.


Today’s video lesson is here

Claude Johnson

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