My Christmas gift to you

Hi Friend,

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Great day to be alive.

I don’t know why, but it seems like
I’m surprised every year lately… how the years just keep rolling by.

We’re going into 2011 and geez, it
seems like just yesterday when we
were back in the 80s and “partying
like its 1999” seemed like a distant
future possibility.

My Christmas gift to, besides just
being my usual bad self (just kiddin on that one)
is that I’ll have a lesson package for you from
a bunch of guitar teachers. It’s coming out
next week, and its fah-reeeee.

What’s the catch? Well you have to wait
a few days for it… Sorry.

Just keep checking back. I’ll let you know.

Also, in about a week we’ll have the final
episode of Claustin Powers.

Listen, I want to wish you a VERY good
weekend… and please stay tuned
to my emails because again, in about a week
I’ll have my free lessons package coming out.

Oh, by the way, just to let you know,
we sort of have to take the Jimmy Dillon courses
off the market temporarily. Not forever, mind you,
but in January they’ll be disappearing for a bit.

The reasons have to do with our affiliates, and
it would probably bore you if I went into detail
about it.

But don’t worry, this is actually GOOD news for you
if you’ve been thinking about snagging a copy
of “Soul of Acoustic Guitar” or “Rockin the
Blues and Slide”, because you can grab them now
and I’m extending the discount on both of them till Jan 1.

So if you are interested, you’ll save some major bucks:

In my next email, I’ll reveal what is probably
my favorite movie of all time, and what the connection is
to your guitar evolution.

Rock on and blessings,

Claude Johnson

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