My craziest video yet is coming tomorrow

Hi Friend,

Claudster here.


Ok, here’s the dealio…TOMORROW, I’m releasing
the craziest video I’ve ever made.

No, It’s not a guitar instructional video.

No, It’s not “Uncle Tony”.

And it’s got to nothing to do with stealing
an illegal black book of jazz secrets.

It’s way cooler and CRAZIER than that.

Why am I doing this?

I guess you could say that

#1), I like being an entertainer

#2), I want to reward you with some good
times for being on my list

#3), It’s Halloween baby! and…

#4), I’m coming out with something
that I call the Ultimate Guitar Secrets
Collection, and its actually the LOWEST
priced product I’ve ever made.

You won’t believe it.

You won’t believe this wacky video either…

But seeing is believing.

So stay tuned to your computer and the madness
will be unleashed tomorrow.

Speaking of madness, just to give you an
update on the “metal madness” product,
it’s in full production and should be
ready next month.

Rock on!


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