My Hangover

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hey Friend,

Last night I went to the movies….

If you know me, you know I’m all
about outrageous comedies like
the Hangover series.

Hangover 3 was interesting.
I have to say it was NOT as
great as the first two, but still decent!

Actually, I feel like I have my own
hangover this morning from
too much junkfood
at the theatre. 😀

So, I need to bounce back and wake up
so I can get in some serious
practice today…

…which, to be honest, I’ve been
slackin on as of late.


That’s ok though… it can happen
to the best of us from time
to time, and the remedy is
just to start building momentum

So on that note, what can we
work on today?

Well, please check today’s blog post,
its from our resident “Femme Fatale”
instructor Alejandra.

She’s showing a few interesting licks
using pentatonics and tapping. You’ve
maybe seen similar licks but she
gives us some fresh variations.

Now if you’re more beginner or intermediate,
check out the post prior to that.

Jon Maclennan gives a great tip
on playing songs by ear and there’s
some samples from his upcoming course
called “The Fasttrack Guitar System”.

It’s a fantastic new course that has
covers a lot of fundamentals but also
has some great tips for more advanced
players along with cool song lessons.

Only 20 Days till the release of
Fasttrack Guitar System!

Plus there’s tons of other cool stuff
on the blog:


Of course, another great way to learn is with

Here’s a series I haven’t talked about
in a while:

“Secrets of the Jam Masters”

If you love to improvise and jam,
this is right up your alley.

Check it out:


Have a rockin weekend,

Claude Johnson


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