My new year’s resolution

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Hey there Friend,

Good morning. Well, it’s another week,..
its Monday, and so its back to the grind…

However, on the bright side,
2008 is almost over 🙂

And we can all “let our hair down” on New Years.

In fact, we can party “like its 1999” all over
again (even if you dont have long hair)

Hey, I think Prince should redo that song to “2009” or somethin.

Anyway, thought I’d give ya a quick “past-present-future”

Past: We finished the Christmas Charity promo. We
apologize to a folks who were upset that we called
it “Xmas”… But we did raise $2200 for the Salavation
army 🙂

Present: New Years is on Wednesday night. Oh…so
that reminds me about new year’s resolutions.

I actually have a bunch of them. Some of them
are really stupid things that I should have
already learned. Like not leaving towels
on the floor – that sort of thing.

No more experiments with fossilized fruits.
I’ll spare you the sordid details 🙂

But ok, seriously… my new year’s resolution
with the guitar is to start practicing again in
the mornings.

I used to be pretty hardcore about it a few years
ago. I would get up super early and try to
get in a few hours practice before work.

Nowadays, I dont believe in going insane. But
consistency is still king. So I’m getting back
on the morning practice vibe to take my chops
to the next zone.

Future: We’ve got lots of cool stuff for 2009.
I have a new software application that is going
to help your guitar playing BIGTIME.

You might have already seen one of our software
apps – the Guitar Scale System. Well… This
is COMPLETELY different, and its going to be
fun and awesome. More details in January.

That’s all for now from the Claudester.

Have a rockin New Years Eve…

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