My poor Uncle got scrooged… AGAIN

Hi Friend,

Some people get scrooged every year.

Take my uncle for example – his birthday
is Dec 25. And every year, friends
and family usually just get him one
gift , … a “combined” Christmas
and birthday gift.

What a gyp!

Oh well, what are ya gonna do…

Maybe he’ll have to start celebrating
Christmas in July… ya know, to
fix that gift situation.

Well, I guess if that’s the worst of
life’s problems, then we’re all doing
pretty good.

I think we might have a ways to go though,
which is why I put together the “Xmas Guitar Course”.

Its the most affordable guitar course I’ve ever
put together, and the money actually goes to
help out the less fortunate this Christmas season.

go here:

By the way, if you ALREADY signed up for this
course, dont foget to comment on my blog
how much you’re diggin the course:

Have a great Christmas Eve, and don’t forget to leave
something for Santa 🙂

Keep rockin,

Claude Johnson

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