New lead guitar website unveiled

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I’ve been talking a lot about lead guitar lately.

There’s a reason.

You see, I’m getting ready to
release an exciting new website, *next week*.

And I’m about to give you a sneak peek!


But before I send you on your merry way, let
me remind you of my 3-step success formula
for lead guitar:

1. Basics
2. Control
3. Advanced Teachings

You can get the first 2 points down with
my guitar control package:

If you want to learn advanced lead guitar,
check out

So what about this new website – where does that
fit in with things?

Well, its going give you more of the
intermediate to advanced teachings.

I will unveil the entire site next week.
For today, I just have a sample video for you.

Check it out – let me know what you think.
Feel free to post a comment.

Rock on,

Claude J.

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