One of James Taylor’s biggest secrets


I get so passionate about certain

For example, James Taylor is one of my favorite

I think his songwriting is fantastic…
his vocals are amazing… And his he has
a unique guitar style too.

Want to know the secret to making those
chimey James Taylor sounds?

Well, I’ll give you a hint – you won’t
get them playing ordinary open chords.

You have to move up the neck a bit and
use some alternate chord voicings.

This is just one of the many sound secrets
revealed inside Jimmy Dillon’s new guitar
course called Soul of Acoustic Guitar.

Check it out:

If you already ordered, thank you!!!
The DVDs are rolling off the presses as we speak.

If you haven’t ordered yet, there are
some amazing reasons to do… including
learning the James Taylor sound and many other
famous guitar sounds.

Once again:

Rock on,

Claude Johnson

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