One of my biggest mistakes EVER on guitar

Hey Friend,

Today, I have an interesting story to tell you
about my own guitar development.

It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, but I’ve
only recently started focusing on building
killer chops.

I was one of those guys who was ONLY interested
in playing with feel.

I was a little on the crazy side. I didn’t
even want to know what key I was playing in
when I was improvising my solos live on

Now, don’t get me wrong. I was sounding good.
My “Guitar Control” method that I was
unknowingly developing, was working.

And I was more interested in sounding like
Eric Clapton than Slayer.

I even told myself, in my mind, that I
would soon be better than Paul Gilbert,
because he’s “only speed”.

How ridiculous was that?

Yes, I was doing the dance of delusion
in the land of confusion.

Yes, even though developing “Guitar Control”
was a great plan that I don’t regret, I still
I wish I had started building killer chops sooner
rather than later.

Having chops just boosts whatever other skills
you have.

It makes you sound better, cleaner, faster, and
not only that…

It opens up new possibilities for your fingers
(and even your ears) that were simply not available.

Having feel but no chops is like owning a Ferrari
with a yugo engine. It looks good in the driveway,
but when the rubber hits the road, things don’t
move the way they should.

I think most of us guitarists would like more chops
AND more feel.

Honestly, I created Killer Guitar Control Secrets
because I realized there was nothing out there that
was teaching guitarists to play with more feel.

It’s very necessary if you want to become a killer
guitarist. (

But, like I said…

If I had to do it all over again, I would have started
working on my chops a lot sooner.

Lately, I’ve been studying and practicing how to build
monster chops, and one of my primary teachers is
Derryl Gabel.

Yes, I’ve gotten some comments on the blog how Derryl
plays with too much technique and not enough feel,
and hey… I can understand why people say that.

The dude does play a million miles a second.

Still, not learning from Derryl because of that is
almost as insane as me thinking I was better than
Paul Gilbert.

The bottom line is , the dude plays with world class
chops, and even better, he knows how to teach it.

He’s broken everything down into an incredibly easy-to-learn
system that you can use immediately to boost your chops
into the next realm and beyond.

One of the fun ways I like to practice is to open to
a random page in his 234-page guitar god fusion bible.
It’s fun and always improves my playing.

I am telling you this story today because Derryl just
recently expanded the fusion guitar package with 2
more DVDs…

There’s an additional DVD on playing “outside” notes,
and (my favorite) one on creative tapping techniques.

Go check out the entire package:

Trust me, its one of the best methods on the planet
for increasing your chops.

And you don’t have to take my word for it. I am
putting my money where my mouth is with my generous

If you don’t love this package and its not turboboosting
your playing to the “zamner zone”, then I’ll be happy
to refund you.

Listen, I’m a firm believer that the more tools you’ve
got in your tool belt– the BETTER.

Go ask the local grease monkey,
“do you have too many tools?”

What’s he gonna say?

Go ask Steve Vai,
“Do you have too many guitar tricks up your sleeve?”

He’ll probably just give you a weird look like
you’re an alien muskrat who doesn’t know a guitar
from a piece of chicken.

So the question is:
How do you add more tools to your guitar belt?

The answer is:
Hire a guitar tool creator like Derryl Gabel.

Whether or not you love his style doesn’t matter…

The guy is a WIZARD when it comes to creating
creative guitar parts by fusing old school techniques
with modern fusion.

Even if you add only
1 NEW TECHNIQUE to your arsenal
you’ll be leagues ahead of where you are now.

And of course — your friends and musician buddies
will be blown away when you pull out your guitar
and start playing monster licks.

As always, time is of the essense…

YOU’VE GOT ONLY A FEW DAYS to take advantage of our
sweetest “Derryl Gabel Package” ever.

You’re going to get the brand new “Beyond Tapping” DVDs
that truly hold the next generation tapping licks,
plus all the other amazing guitar goodies.

I wished I had been studying this stuff 10 years ago.

Please… Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Get 10 years ahead of the crowd — go get
your package before this exclusive deal

Rock on,
Claude Johnson

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