Resend: You guys are too smart for me. (video)

Hi Friend,

Ok, you guys are wayyy too smart for me.

Here’s the story – I started putting up some preview clips
of Jimmy Dillon’s new course, called Rockin the Blues & Slide guitar.

Ok, now *some* of the content on this course is in open tunings.
That’s just part of how some of the masters do it.

I didn’t really mention before because, well… I think open
tunings scare people. But you guys are too smart. Too many
people on the blog were posting comments about the different tunings.

So, the cat is out of the bag. Yes, this course contains some
open tunings and slide guitar.

However, please don’t let that scare you. Even if you don’t
even watch the parts with open tuning, you would still love
this course.

There is plenty of killer info on how to play blues guitar
in standard tuning, both with and without slide.

In today’s sample clip, Jimmy talks about how to play
swingin’ electric blues:

Hundreds of people have posted comments on the blog
so far. I think this will be a very popular course.

I think this clip really shows Jimmy’s clear teaching style.
Stay tuned – this new course will be available in a few short weeks!

rock on ,


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