Saturday afternoon arpeggio (try this lick)

Hello Friend

It’s the Claudester checking in with ya
on a Saturday afternoon.

I think today’s a good day to plug in
the electric and rock out with some licks.

As usual, I got some ideas you can play
around with on your axe…

Lately, I’m getting more into arpeggios
as I think these have what I call “built in feel”.

One cool idea is this diminished arpeggio shape.


Try using hammer ons and pull offs. I’m all about
finding patterns that are easy on the fingers
but have an interesting sound, and this is one
of them.

Try mixing this up, going up and down the shape, and creating your own sounds.

Now, if you are saying “geez, Claude, I already
know this shape”… Then you are probably pretty
good already and ready for the advanced courses
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On the other hand, if you still can’t play basic
chords, forget this idea – you probably need
the Ultimate Beginner Guitar course

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And guess what — I’m not always the teacher!

Yep, I do teach what I’m good at – Guitar Control,
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And I bring in other teachers who have different

I am still working on the advanced stuff myself.

So, while I am a teacher (some people say a good one),
I am also a student.

I think every great player will admit to being a lifelong
student of the guitar.

We are all somewhere on the path in our musical

So with that in mind, I invite you to check out
all our courses (see below) and pick the one that
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path right now…

Stay tuned because next week I’m going to introduce
a brand new teacher to the Guitar Control line up of

You’ll dig.

Rock on,

Claude J.

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