Sharing Hendrix with Dad


Hope your weekend is going well.

I thought I’d just share a quick story
with you.

Last weekend, I took a drive with my father
from Philly to Washington DC, where my brother
lives. We were dropping off my little niece

Sara is now 19 months old… I can’t believe it.
Time keeps on slipping into the future. Man…

Anyway, she was visiting and so we drove down
to DC to drop her off and obviously we
had to come back.

It was a good chance for me to spend some
time with my dad.

The cool thing was I brought along some CDs
and got to share some of my favorite guitar
music with pops.

Now, just so you understand the context, pops
is 72 years young… And he comes from a European

The bottom line is that he really never listened
to all that much rock and roll music or blues.

He’s might recognize BB King if I played it, or
the beatles, MAYBE…lol.

Anyway, I played for him Stevie Ray Vaughan’s
greatest hits and also Jimi Hendrix’s Electric
Lady Land.

And he really liked it, although we both thought
the Hendrix was really intense, as it is…

It was a great experience.

One thing that struck me about the music
is that this isn’t just “guitar wanker” music.
I think I would have lost him if I put in a
Steve Vai album, for example.

The thing about Hendrix and Vaughan is that they
weren’t just amazing lead guitarists. They were
also monster rhythm guitarists, they were world
class songwriters, and they were also good singers

Great music is universal, and can be appreciated
by the widest range of audience. Well, there
are exceptions, such as when jazz gets too sophisticated,
but you get my drift.

Anyway, it was just really cool.

Just wanted to share that story with you. That’s
all I really got for today as I sent you a bunch
of other stuff in the last email.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and check out all
of our sites if you haven’t already.

There might be something here that you’ll really enjoy.



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