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WOAH — I can’t believe it!

We just sold 2300 copies of
The Ultimate Guitar Secrets Collection!

If you’ve missed out — I apologize.

Hopefully, we’ll release another set
in the next couple of months.

Truth be told, I want to get some feedback on
this one and see how this whole experiment plays out.

I’ll probably go back and make some upgrades and make it:

Don’t worry though — I’ve got some SWEET SURPRISES
cooking up for you.

The first one is going to be “Metal Mayhem”.

If you’re into metal then YOU SHOULD RUN
to the page below and enter your name and email.

This is going to put you on a special “metal list”
and you’ll get notices, videos, tricks and tips
and you’ll be tuned into the “Metal Mayhem” launch.

Also: go check out the video on there…

Stay tuned!
Claude Johnson

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