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Pack your bags. I’m sending you to
guitar camp with Jimmy Dillon.

Well, almost.

You’re probably thinking:



Guitar Camp? Who the **** is Jimmy Dillon?

Jimmy Dillon is the director of Blue Star
Music Camps.

We sent them over $2000 from our Xmas
Charity promotion.

He just sent us a nice “thank you”
video that I put on my blog.

The part about sending you to camp, well…

Ok that is sort of an exaggeration.
However, he DOES have a deep bag of
guitar secrets for you.

Stay tuned, because more will be revealed
next week.

For now, I just want to say THANK YOU
for sharing the love if you were one
of the many who helped make our
donation possible.

Either way, I think you will enjoy this video:

Rock on,


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