The biggest blues breakthrough ever?

Hi Friend,

Music is always evolving.
Guitar playing is always evolving…

And every decade or so, “big breakthroughs” happen.

It’s usually when things get “combined” together and creates new sounds.

A few decades ago — the early rockers took old school blues,
added distortion and sped things up.

BOOM… Blues had a baby and they named it “Rock n Roll”.

Then a decade or 2 after that, the first heavy metal guys added
even more distortion, sped things up more and BOOM…
heavy metal was born.

Then came punk rock, 80s metal hair bands, grunge, and
the latest music of today.


Good music never changes. Like the blues.

Still, new approaches to learning keep evolving also.

Like with Sol Philcox’s brand new “Ultimate Blues
Master Class” DVDs (with tabs).

Sol goes deep into some ways to help us really
learn to play the blues well.

For example, he talks a lot about phrasing
in ways I haven’t heard before – like how
to properly “attack” a note.

He gives us new ways to develop the confidence
and authority we need to play every note with
feeling and meaning…

He gives us a lot of powerful ways to develop
monster rhythm chops, which is SOOOO important…

And he even evolves the music by showing us
how to combine jazz, country, funk, and R&B
influences WITH the blues to create some wild
new hybrid blues sounds.

That’s why I’m calling this “the next big blues breakthrough”.

Check it out:

If you do nothing else this year but get his upcoming course
“Blues Master Class” — you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead
of where you are now.

It’s easily the smartest decision you can make in 2010.

It’s really the next dimension of blues for you. Check it out.

Stay tuned,
Claude Johnson

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