The Greatest Guitarist You Never Heard? (video)

hi Friend,

A few years ago, I was at my Uncle’s house for
dinner, and afterwards, he puts on this old record…
and out comes some of the most amazing, beautiful guitar playing
I had ever heard in my freakin life.

My jaw hit the floot. This stuff was so completely
beyond “the shredders” that I was used to
being impressed with. It was so thick, meaty, and powerful!

And it turns out this guitarist goes
by the name of Manitas de Plata.
That’s Spanish for “little hands of Silver”.

It wasn’t all about fast scales or runs (although there
was plenty of that too)… But the real magic was this
“wall of sound” that was created with tremendous right
hand techniques such as fingerpicking arpeggios.

I posted a video on my blog:

Please check it out! This virtuoso guitar playing is
guaranteed to inspire you.

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