The Legend’s Party is almost over

Hey Friend,

So what do you think of Stefan Grossman
party? I’m talking about all the cool
blues nuggets we’ve been showing all week
from this legend.

Hopefully you saw my email from a couple
days ago, and had time to hop on the
conference call last night.

It was a great call and I’m gonna
bring more legends and crazy guitar cats
to you in the near future…

Anyway, back to the blues party.
I hope you’re “in”. If you already ordered,
your DVDs should be on the way their
way to you in about a week.

If you didn’t place your order yet,
I’ve got 4 reasons why you should
boogie on over to
and pick up the Stefan Grossman Package right now.

1. I’ve got exactly 65 units left.

2. On Sunday night, the price goes up
and the free shipping is over.

3. Eric Clapton “learned lots” from him.

4. This is the hottest deal of the year
and it’s the ultimate X-mas gift
for you or anyone in your life
that digs guitar playing.

Don’t miss out —
Hook yourself up to the
DELTA acoustic blues zone…

Play on,

Claude Johnson

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