The ultimate practice guitar

Hey Friend,

I’m very excited to announce
an incredible deal on some gear.

I call it: “The Ultimate Guitar Practice Package”.

I’ve got a ridiculously hot offer for
you that you’ll want to jump on
immediately. I only ordered 45
of these packs.

I’m talking about the Ultimate Guitar Pack –

You’re getting a full size electric guitar and
a 15 watt practice amp. This is an awesome Christmas
gift for anyone getting started on the guitar.

I went “balls-to-the-wall” with the manufacturer
and negotiated a real rock bottom price. And
I’m barely making any money on this.

But hey, I’m cool with that. If you’re on my list,
then I see you as a friend,
and I want to treat you like one.

This is the ultimate gift for
anyone who wants to a
practice guitar to bring on
vacation or to a party.

Personally, nothing gets me more motivated
to practice than buying a new guitar.
Start yourself off in ’09 on the right foot.

I’ll send you an email tomorrow around noon EST.
That’s 9 am PST. And remember, I’ve only got 45.

** New 365 Day Guarantee is Now In Effect! **

By the way, just today I decided to give a 1 full year
guarantee on all my DVD courses.

Watch them over and over again
and if you don’t learn a TON —
I insist that you send them back,
and there’s never any hard feelings about it…

I just updated our webpages:

Beginner Guitar Courses:

Intermediate Guitar Courses:

Advanced Guitar Courses:

Other Goodies:

Rock on,
Claude Johnson

P.S. Remember, only 45 “Guitar and amp” combos
are in the warehouse. If you want one, I’m going to
send the email tomorrow at noon EST. That’s
9 am PST.

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