Want to be a fly on my wall?

hey Friend,

I just talked to Jimmy Dillon

I think you’ll want to listen to this call.

We waxed philosophical about guitar,
and shared some epic stories…

I told him about the new
course I’m doing and
he had some very interesting
opinions about it.

You know that movie “the fly”
where the dude turns into
a human fly?

This is NOT like that.


What I mean is this is a raw, unedited phone
call… So it’s like your
listening as a fly on the wall
in my office ..lol.

It’s on my blog, check it out


Also, I want to congratulate Adam Bogicevic
for the winning Facebook comment
in our recent contest:

He wrote:
Picture this: I’m sitting in my living
room watching TV when all of a sudden
a powerful guitar solo from my next
door neighbor bursts through my flat’s
walls, filling the whole building with
this immense sound. My neighbor, who
is behind this monster of a solo,
pulls the whole neighborhood into
his aura week after week with his
infectious energy. I am stunned
every time. Words can’t explain
the intense feeling I have of
wanting to be the guy with the
incredible lightning hands. Once
the awe-inspiring solo dies down,
I visit my neighbour. He opens
the door, guitar in hand. His hair
is drenched with sweat but he has
achieved greatness. “How?”I ask eagerly.
He replies: “Supercharged Soloing Made Simple.”

Thanks for that Adam!

So about this course:

It’s only 5 short days away — This Wednesday September 4th
at 3 PM , you’ll be able to get your hands on this

Check out all the videos on the blog to see what
its all about.


And by the way, this weekend, I’m going to have
a special “celebrity” tell you about the bonuses
for this course. You won’t want to miss that
one, so keep your eye on the inbox. Make
sure to “star” or favor my emails so they
don’t end up in the junk box… I’d hate
for you to miss out on the Guitar goodies 🙂


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