Your favorite band in the whole wide world

hi Friend,

I’m going to teach you an awesome
song from your favorite band. Or
maybe I already have.

Here’s the scoop:

2 months ago, I asked for advice on my blog
about “what to teach next”.

I was quite overwhelmed by the 1200+ comments
even after analyzing the information with
piecharts and bargraphs (seriously). lol…

However, one obvious thing I can do is
publish a volume III for the Ultimate Guitar
Song Collection.

Here’s the problem: I’m running out of
famous bands and artists!

I’ve already covered so much in the first
two volumes.

If you haven’t read about that course yet,
check it out:

Probably your favorite band/artist is already there.

Ok, next part:

I want your input on what to include in Vol 3.

Please visit the


and paste your comment on what bands and artists
to cover next.

Now if you were opening this email with a huge
craving to learn something new on the guitar,
I won’t dare disappoint you — there’s a new
lesson posted on the blog from J.M. on chord harmony.

But, I really want your input on the artist thingie.

So please give me your input!

And I definitely encourage you to grab the Ultimate
Song Collection if you don’t already own it. It’s
perfect for beginners but also great if you’ve been
playing 40 years.

Have a killer weekend!

Claude Johnson

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