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This new course is available NOW!!!

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1. Of you order on the first day, you’re
eligible to win 1 of 3 Spear RD-BLUES Electric guitars.
(worth $699)

2. The first 100 buyers get a copy of Jimmy Dillon’s
“Bad and Blue” Album – a $14.95 value.

3. The first 50 buyers get a private interactive
webinar/call with Jimmy and he’ll stay on the
line as long as it takes to answer everyone’s questions.

This is Jimmy Dillon on the streets of San Francisco.
I’m super excited to tell you about my new DVD course.
It’s called “Rockin the Blues Deluxe”. This thing is
chock-full of tricks and licks and all kinds of acoustic
and electric blues.

If you’re one of the first 100 buyers you’re going to
win my CD, “Bad in Blue”, which is a really funky, cool
blues and rock CD. Also, you’ll get a chance to win one
of three RD Spear blues guitars. Now these guitars are great.
They play really great; they sound great; I’ve checked
them out. So you’re going to love that.

If you’re one of the first 50 you’ll get a chance to
attend my private webinar and I’ll answer questions
on everything from blues to rock to all kinds of guitar
stuff. If you’ve seen my blues tree, you’ll know that
that’s kind of an interesting piece as well.

So there’s a 365-day absolute money-back guarantee going
on here. So if for any reason at all you’re not happy
with it, no questions asked, we’ll return it to you.
July 18th, noon, Pacific time, 3:00 PM Eastern time,
“Rockin the Blues Deluxe”, Jimmy Dillon, [unintelligible – 01:00].
See you there. Thanks a lot. Ciao for now.

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