How To Use A Guitar Practice Application


Welcome back! Today I wanna give you an idea of what is out there as far as guitar practice
app goes.

Guitar practice app are the thing nowadays, especially for virtual amps. They are very cheap
and you don’t have to carry them everywhere you go. Real amps are great but there is a
problem; you can’t use them everywhere you go.

Let’s just say you are sitting down by the river and you have your electric guitar and a cable and you feel like jamming and laying down some tasty licks, but you can’t because there is no place for you to plug in your practice amp and playing without an amp is just not as inspiring. So what is the solution? waiting to get back home? haha definitely not. The solution is Apps.

There are many amp applications for the iPhone, iPad and any android device. All you have to
do is get a converter to plug in your cable to your iphone and you are done. Some of the most
popular devices that allow you to use your guitar with your phone are:

Apogee is well known for making world class recording equipment, so I know I can personally
trust anything they make. Their analog to digital converters are some of the best out there.
Once you get a device for iOS or Android, your next step is to download an App.

Some of the best Virtual Amp Applications out there are: Amplitube, Jamup, Studio Devil, to name a few.
These applications come with builtin FXs like delay, flanger, chorus, compression and more.
You will need a pair of headphones though, as phone speakers are usually not that good.

Now the great thing is that yeah, you literally have 10 minutes in between class? just sit down
wherever you want and jam. You can now do it thanks to modern phone applications. There is
no need to carry around a big amp or buying batteries for your pocket amp; just get an iPhone /
Android App and practice anywhere you go. These apps will even come with a builtin tune!

This is all for today!

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