How to Use the Basics of Fingerpicking Guitar Technique

Learn the Basics of Fingerpicking Guitar Technique -- Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Learn the Basics of Fingerpicking Guitar Technique - Rhythm Guitar Lesson

How’s it going, guys? My name is John McClennan and
I’m here with, bringing you this lesson.

I’d like to elaborate a little bit more on developing
the right hand. Even if you just get a little bit of
technique happening with it, the benefits so far
outweigh just feeling a little bit uncomfortable if
you’re not used to playing fingerstyle at first.

A minute ago I showed you this. And now what I
want to do is I want to break it up. So you’re
going to take a C chord and you’re going to play
first the bass note, then the second string, then
the first string. So it’s like this. And then your
pick is going to move to the next string; do the
same thing. And then to the next string as well,
the G string. Then returning to the root. So it’s…

Then you’re going to switch to a G7, which is
2nd fret, 3rd fret, 1st fret. Same exact right
hand finger picking pattern. Resolve to C.

Again, you’re keeping the pick still handy. So you
could be soloing a minute later, but then you go
back to fingerpicking. Again, just being able to
bring this in, even if it’s on chords. It’s just so
great to be able to have some right hand chops. So
try to practice this with a metronome. Here we go.

Thanks so much for watching.
We’ll see you in the next lesson.

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