How to Do The Palm Muting Technique on Rhythm Guitar

Rhythm Guitar Lesson on Palm Muting -- Learn to Play Palm Muting Technique

Rhythm Guitar Lesson on Palm Muting - Learn to Play Palm Muting Technique

How’s it going, guys? This is John McClennan
and I’m here with, excited
to bring you this video lesson. What we’re
going to talk about today is palm muting.
It’s a great sound and a tool that you can
use for pretty much any kind of music.
So check it out.

You’ve got to take your palm, right here,
and you’ve got to lay it back. This thing
is called the bridge of your guitar. You’ve
got to lay it back where the string and
the bridge meet. So here’s what we’re going
to do for this exercise. We’re going to take
a power chord on the 8th fret and the 10th fret.

I’m just going to play that with my 1st finger
and pinkie like this. What I want you to do is
just give me that first note palm muted.

So I’m back here by the bridge. Here’s the sound.
If I’m too far forward it’s not going to happen.

So I’ve got to get back to where the the
notes pop out. I almost want it to be as
strong as not being muted, but in the sense
where the notes just really pop out. Just
do 8th notes all in a downstroke.

The exercise that’s in the tab, which you
can click the link below for the tab, you
drop your first finger like this.

And then you go down a whole step and
do the same movement. So just a typical
kind of rock and roll thing. These chords
are F, C over E, E flat and then B flat over D.
You can just put on a metronome and just see if
you can get those 8th notes really driving.
There are so many rock and roll tunes that use them.

Here’s one that comes to mind,
“Communication Breakdown”, Led Zeppelin.
Or something like Green Day. So you can
also use it on your lead playing.
If you’re playing like a funky thing
in a groove or even soloing. It’s a
cool sound. So practice that.

Remember just lay that palm back,
don’t be too far forward. Get right
back on the bridge. Get the notes to pop
out and we’ll see you in the next lesson.

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