The Best Guitar Practice Schedule

A guitar practice schedule can be a useful tool when it comes to learning how to play guitar. Practice on a regular basis is an important way to develop your skills. Like anything, the more you do it, the better you’re going to get. Creating a practice schedule or following a schedule laid out by a teacher can help you focus on the various aspects of playing you’ll need to work on to become a cohesive player.

Guitar practice schedule PDF files can be found online on some websites, or you can create them yourself. A PDF file is simply a computer file (portable document format) that can easily be opened on anywhere. This means you can create your schedule, save it as a PDF, and open it on Mac, PC, a tablet, or on your phone, allowing you to access your guitar practice schedule anywhere you want.

There are no set rules for how your guitar practice schedule needs to be formatted or what types of lessons or exercises are included. If you have a guitar teacher or you download a pre-structured guitar practice schedule PDF from the Internet, the schedule will already be set for you. If you teach yourself, it’ll be up to you to create the schedule. You can use a spreadsheet like Excel to develop and save a practice schedule (see example below).


The best thing to do if you plan to create a guitar practice schedule is to look at a few practice schedule examples online to get an idea about areas of study that other guitar players include on a practice schedule and develop your schedule accordingly. Depending on the number of days per week you practice, you can arrange these areas of study so you focus on just one or two of them per session. Your schedule may start off with scale and chord practice first, and the next session may be strictly devoted to learning or practicing a new song or more advanced playing techniques.

The important thing about having a guitar practice schedule PDF is to use it regularly. This is why you save it as a PDF. You can keep it on all your devices for convenience. It’s a schedule, and like any schedule, adhering to it makes you more disciplined.

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