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Ready for some acoustic blues guitar lessons? Its Darrin again with some more tasty guitar giblets for you, today let’s look at some acoustic blues.

When think about the blues guitar you gotta give mad props to the acoustic guitar because that’s where it all started with guys like Robert Johnson.

Here is a great lesson from instructor John MacLennan on turnarounds in the style of the great Robert Johnson.

 Robert Johnson Turnaround Lesson

Here’s a killer lesson from none other than founder Claude Johnson. In this lesson, Claude teaches how to spice up a blues chord progression. Check it out!

 How To Spice Up A Blues Progression

If you really want to dig in and learn some killer acoustic blues you should check out this course from Jimmy Dillon.

 Ultimate Acoustic Blues Course

Speaking of Jimmy Dillon, here is a great lesson from Jimmy.

 Hard Times Acoustic Blues Lesson

A staple in the sound of the blues is the shuffle rhythm. Here is Claude Johnson with a little lesson on it.

 Acoustic Blues Shuffle Lesson

So what about double stops? Double stops is another big part of the sound of the acoustic blues. Here’s John MacLennan with a lesson on the very subject.

 Double Stops Acoustic Blues Lesson

Another one of the greats was Blind Boy Fuller. has a great course that features his Delta Blues style. You can check it out here.

 Deep Delta Blues Course

Here is a Blind Boy Fuller style lesson from that very course

 Blind Boy Fuller Lesson

Here’s a killer acoustic blues lesson from Sol Philcox.

 Acoustic Blues Lesson

Be sure to check out Sol’s course Blues Master Class for more like this.

 Blues Master Class

Here is another killer lesson from the Deep Delta Blues course. This one is on Lightnin Hopkins style turnarounds.

 Lightnin Hopkins Turnaround Lesson

So there are a few of the great acoustic blues guitar lessons that are available at GuitarControl.coms YouTube channel. Head on over and check it out. YouTube Channel

Well that’s all from me for now. All this has got me itchin’ to go play my acoustic guitar and work on the blues chops.



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