Jazzy Chord Soloing Over a Blues Progression – Killer Blues Guitar Lesson w/ Jon Maclennan

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How’s it going this is Jon McLennan with Guitar Control, bringing you this video lesson and we’re looking at a little bit of cord “Soloing over a Blues”. Today, I’m going to rely on my Jazz background.

Check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.

For this lick, I’m going to teach you, basically a g7 chord, starting out on a g7 triad, just a three note figure. I guess I’m playing the seventh fret, the sixth fret, and the seventh fret, that’s just three notes of a g7 chord slide into that, then go back and play the third fret, and sixth fret then, I take this g13 chord and walk into that g flat 13, to a g13, then play the high strings, and then grab two notes here, this fourth fret, fifth fret, and fifth fret, then a tri tone, which is again the second fret and third fret just moving up a half step.

Then I do, these two notes fifth fret, fifth fret and then g sharp seven, to a g7, knowing that kind of sound. There’s your g seven chord, just a nice little chordal lick, a lot of guys learn to play lead really well. Playing that kind of stuff over the blues, but what about soloing with chords, that’s a whole another sound.

Let’s see if we could try this lick. I’m going to put it over the g7 chord and move it around all over the chords. I’ll show you what I mean c7, g7, and b.

That would not be my exact solo, but that might be something I practiced just to work it out over those different chords. Be sure to subscribe on our YouTube Channel and we’ll see you in our next lesson.

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