Guitar Solo Picking Exercise You Need to Know

Welcome back! Today I wanna show a great guitar solo practice routine. When you are trying to practice your guitar solo technique there are many things you have to include and of them is picking. Picking is often one of the hardest parts to master as a guitar player. Sometimes we can move our left hand perfectly fine through the fretboard, but we just can’t coordinate our right hand. It’s all a matter of practice you know? The guitar players around that world that actually make it and become great musicians are the ones that never quit and keep practicing and trying no matter what. Today I wanna show a great picking exercise that will help you strengthen your technique; let’s check it out: guitar-solo-practice_1.png The key with this exercise is to alternate your picking direction; for instance, you could start of with a downstroke followed by an upstroke and so on. But that’s not the only way, you could definitely start off with an upstroke which might be a bit more challenging to most guitar players. I mean eventually this exercise is designed so you always meet a stroke inside the strings. We are so used to hitting a string from the outside, that when we have situations like this it just becomes very difficult. But the good news is that if you master this exercises, then your picking technique has not limits. The next exercise I wanna show is very challenging. The idea with this lick is to play 4 notes and change your hand position. So basically you have to move your hand every beat. Don’t try to stretch your hand at the beginning of a beat, literally move it. Start of very slowly and progressively increase the speed: guitar-solo-practice_2.png Finally, the last exercise will help you develop a better love for long runs. The idea of this exercise is that the last note of a beat is repeated to become the first note of the next beat. When you have to play it with a different finger, which means that you have to swap positions with your hand! For example, in the next lick the last note of bar 1 would be played with your Ring finger, while the first note of beat 2 with your index: guitar-solo-practice_3.png This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out our entire database of videos.

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