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3 Killer Vibrato Blues Licks in the Style Of King, Clapton & Gilmour

B.B King, Eric Clapton & David Gilmour Vibrato Have you ever wondered what makes guitar legends such as B.B King, Eric Clapton, and David Gilmour sound so unique and flavourful? A big part of each of their individual sounds comes from their personal takes on the technique we’re going to be covering today – vibrato!

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Write Your Own Review!

Yes, you can write your own review of any blues guitar course. Simply reply any of the posts on our blog with a comment, and share your opinions. We did a seperate blog post for each product we reviewed. If you want to review a product that is not on our home page, ( ,

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50 Blues

This is an interesting product. Seems to be all about the jam tracks. Well, you can read our review here:

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Welcome to our site

Ok, so we started reviewing some blues courses… Lots of interesting stuff out there. But we only decided to put 5 courses up for now. Go check them out. Feel free to post comments.

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