2 big reasons why some people find guitar “difficult”

There’s a few reasons why some people have difficulty learning the guitar. Probably the biggest reason is they don’t have the right teacher. And without the right teacher, the student doesn’t have the right system. It all starts by having the big picture, and understanding how music and guitar actually works. When you understand how

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What Is The Fastest Way To Play Guitar

The fastest, easiest way to play all your favorite songs is, in my opinion, as follows: First, you learn the basic chords. Chords are the basic building blocks from which all music is created. Next, you learn to string a few chords together into progressions. The key to that is being able to switch your

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Buying An Electric or Acoustic Guitar – What You Need to Know

So you’re an aspiring guitar playing and you’re wondering whether you should play acoustic or electric. Heck, I say, play both! But lets say for the sake of argument, that you only want to just buy ONE guitar to start with. Well, they each have their advantages and drawbacks. The electric guitar is easier physically.

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