What Is The Fastest Way To Play Guitar

The fastest, easiest way to play all your favorite
songs is, in my opinion, as follows:
First, you learn the basic chords. Chords
are the basic building blocks from which
all music is created.
Next, you learn to string a few chords
together into progressions. The key
to that is being able to switch your
fingers quickly enough that is sounds smooth.
And the third step, once you can play chord
progressions, is to play a complete song
based on 1 or more chord progressions
and a vocal melody.
I call this the “1-2-3” method and that’s
exactly what you’ll learn inside the
Ultimate Beginner Guitar course.
Of course, there’s a lot that goes into
each of these steps, but once you understand
that you can play hundreds or thousands of
songs from the same basic chords, you
have a firm grasp on how easy it really
can be to learn guitar.

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