Darrin Goodman

The Forbidden Devils Third That Started Metal

Guitar Control presents instructor Darrin Goodman teaching The Forbidden Devils Third That Started Metal. This is from the song Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath. Be sure to get the tabs to go along with this The Forbidden Devils Third That Started Metal lesson. Introduction Hey everybody how’s it going? This is Darrin from GuitarControl.com bringing

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Easy Intro To Drop D Tuning for Acoustic Guitar

Drop D tuning isn’t just for metal. Many other genres have adopted this cool alternate tuning and the results are sweet. Check out this Easy Drop D Tuning Acoustic Guitar Lesson from Guitar Control instructor Sean Daniel with included free tabs. [ninja-popup ID=715] Introduction What’s going on everybody? Sean Daniel with Guitar Control here and

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Music Theory

How to Learn an Easy Guitar Riff

An easy guitar riff is a riff that is typically made up of just a few notes that create a very recognizable pattern. It can also be based around a set pattern of chords that form the foundation of a song. A riff is a building block. Many songs, such as the Stones’ “(I Can’t

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Why Tabs Are Better Than Music Sheets

There are two main ways to read notes for guitar songs: tablature and sheet music. For those of you who are able to play completely by ear, this post is negligible – move on. For the rest of us, here’s the good news: Tablature doesn’t require a great deal of music-reading ability, and it shows

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A Great Way Of Using A Slide With Your Guitar

Welcome back! Today I wanna show you a new way of playing with your blues guitar strings. So you bought a slide and you are really digging it but you still can’t get that blues sound. Well I got great new for you buddy! It is your lucky day. I am going to show you

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Easy Guitar Lesson on Song Notes For Beginners

Printed music for the guitar can be notated in several ways. One way is standard notation, which looks like printed music for any other instrument. The guitar actually sounds an octave lower than it’s written, which avoids having to use two clefs to notate. See the example below for the range of the notes on

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