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Welcome back! Today I wanna show you a new way of playing with your blues guitar strings.
So you bought a slide and you are really digging it but you still can’t get that blues sound. Well I
got great new for you buddy! It is your lucky day. I am going to show you a great way of using a
slide with your guitar. This way I am about to show is so much fun and so easy, that you might
just do it everyday.
We are gonna start off by retuning
your guitar; we are going to use an open tuning! You are
gonna lower the tuning of your 6th string from E to D; This means that the sound is gonna be
lowered by 2 semitones. A very easy way to do this is by play the open 4th string (which is a D)
and match the sixth string in its lower octave. The next thing you will do is tune up the 3rd string
so it sounds like an A; you are gonna be tuning it 2 semitones up. An easy way to do this is by
playing the open 5th string (which is an A) and trying to match the 3rd string on its higher
octave. Next you are gonna tune down the 2nd string so it sounds exactly the same as the new
tuning of the 3rd string; so basically the 3rd and 2nd string will end up sounding the same.
Finally you are gonna lower the 1st string 2 semitones down so it sounds just like the new
tuning in the 6th string but 2 octaves up. And that’s it! we are ready to go. Our new tuning will be
(starting from the 6th string): D, A, D, A, A, D
Now! Let’s check out this awesome lick I made using this new tuning:


Pretty cool right? So this new tuning is basically all roots and fifths and that’s why it works so
well! You can now use your slide all across a fret and not have to worry if the notes are gonna
sound good or not. You can now play those awesome cowboy licks:


Now for the next lick, you will use either your ring or pinky finger to mute the strings whenever
there is a rest. For the other notes that are not open, you will use the slide:


This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out our
entire database of videos.


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